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From family business to global corporation

In 1984, it was pure coincidence - a conversation with an acquaintance - that Holz Wastl entered the automotive industry. He needed a trunk cover at Magna as a BMW supplier partner, Holz Wastl was looking for new fields of activity, as the original business with the timber trade was no longer correspondingly profitable after the opening of the East.

Then as now, solid and high-quality work was the absolute focus. Thus, a trunk cover series was followed by another order. The beginning was made.

The portfolio was soon expanded to include complete manufacturing, cladding and coating. Parcel shelves were added, and in the 2000s finally also B-pillars with their own back injection process.

The production site "Autoteile Wastl Fennes" - AWF for short - in Sopron grew to four production halls, and a new plant in Sarvar was added in 2012.

The passion of the founders Hans-Peter Fennes and Herbert Wastl-Fennes for exclusive cars and their equipment parts, which had existed since their early youth, grew steadily, as did the company. Parts from their own production are now installed in numerous vehicles in the high-end category.

In 2021, the takeover of Holz Wastl to their children Ulrike and Philip was prepared. Besides the business agendas, they have also passed on their love of beautiful cars to them.

Automobilindustrie Zulieferer Holz Wastl GmbH

For over 35 years Holz Wastl has been one of the absolute experts in the automotive supply industry.

The family business, which has grown healthily and now employs 550 people, relies on constant, honest and reliable business relationships.

In the meantime, Holz Wastl has succeeded in the industry as a specialist for interior design. The long-standing expertise in this field is internationally appreciated and recognized. Strategic partnerships and networking guarantee reliability and the highest level of professionalism.

Holz-Wastl today

Strategic partner with expertise and experience


Holz Wastl sees itself as a contemporary, constantly growing company certified according to IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Bringing innovative, valuable products with the highest quality standards to the customer on time is the focus of our work.

Functioning partnerships and long-standing business relationships confirm our constant and reliable work.

Our procurement therefore continues to invest in the selection and qualification of partners. New processes for this have already been installed and will steadily implemented.
stetig umgesetzt.


In Eisenstadt - the Company headquarters - can be found next to the Logistics and purchasing departments also those Management and the Development. In the connected workshop are consequently also the Prototypingas well as the spare parts management. Sales activities, which Project Management and the Customer service will also take place in Eisenstadt.
Himmelverkleidung Alcantara – Holz Wastl GmbH
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