of Holz Wastl Gesmbh

Sky lining

Our headliners can be ordered in large and small series production and in different surfaces: various fabrics, leather and Alcantara® are available.

Product: One and Two Step PU semi-rigid glass sandwich systems, High Absorber sky

Procedure: automatically adhesive laminated and finishing

Loading floor

We manufacture the loading floors in carpet, dilour, needle felt or decorative finish in three steps:


Adhesive lamination





Column cladding

Injection-moulded laminated or back-moulded pillar trims in fabric, Alcantara® or leather version.

Hat shelves

Hat racks made of self-supporting PU honeycomb systems with adhesive lamination are produced by us - available with all common surfaces such as fabric, leather or Alcantara.®.

Door panel

We manufacture door inserts such as armrests and door sills, partly foamed with soft foam, in PVC, artificial leather, leather, fabric, Alcantara® in the injection moulding process with laminated trim parts.